Body Longevity Services

Corrective exercise treatment plans that relieve chronic pain and restore normal movement

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Postural Assessment

A non invasive postural assessment will identify the true culprit of our clients chronic pain and provide the essential framework of the treatment plan.

Hands-on Therapy

Myofascial release therapy uses hands on manipulation of the entire body to promote healing, release tight muscles and provide pain relief.

Exercise Programs

Using a combination of carefully selected stretches and strengthening exercises we can address the toxic relationship between tired and weakened muscles and tight and shortened ones.


We educate our clients to better understand the reasons for their pain and give them the tools to help themselves.

Helping you find pain relief through corrective exercise

In pain but not sure how to proceed?

Stop suffering in silence. Living with chronic pain is no way to live, so contact us today so we can discuss corrective exercise options to help you heal and regain your normal, pain-free movement. We are happy to work in partnership with your doctor for physiotherapist to ensure the best possible outcome. 

What is the corrective exercise process?


We perform a non-invasive assessment to identify any irregularities and obvious muscle imbalances contributing to the client’s pain.

Client lifestyle history

We ask questions regarding lifestyle, work postures, past injuries or illness that may have caused structural changes resulting in a slow and subtle decline in function.

Treatment plan

We chart the findings and use this to develop a treatment plan.

Corrective exercise

We always start with gentle muscle release techniques and stretching for tight muscles, followed by strengthening exercises to help correct the body’s structure and bring it back to its normal state.

How do I know if corrective exercise is right for me?

Corrective exercise helps in retraining the body to move as it was designed to move in order to function at its maximum level and to move freely without pain.

Corrective exercise is suitable for anyone suffering from temporary or chronic musculoskeletal issues that cause pain and discomfort when performing even the simplest forms of physical activity.

The Body Longevity Approach

Long term pain becomes as much a psychological problem as a physical one, because the client is frustrated not knowing what is causing their pain and having no idea when and why it will reoccur. They become guarded in their movement not realising that moving less or having the wrong treatment plan will contribute to a life of chronic pain and regular use of pain medications.

Your specialist is trained specifically to know how to regress, progress and create alternatives for any exercise. This means that the exercise portion of your program can be tailored to your particular ability level at each stage, thereby producing outstanding program results.

Our goal is to helping the client understand the reasons for their pain and give them the tools to help them help themselves.

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