What our clients have to say about Body Longevity

Amanda H.

“I have had a “bad” back and have suffered with sciatic back pain for over 15 years. I trained with many personal trainers during this time to help my pain but when I look back I feel like some of the exercises I have been doing have been causing more harm than good.

I started training with Rhonda 10 weeks after having my third baby under 5. As soon as we started training it became quite evident that she had a very broad and deep knowledge of how to train specific body parts with consideration to existing injuries.

I learned under the guidance of Rhonda to manage my back pain through strengthening certain muscle groups, how to lift correctly and “switch the right things on” so to speak, how to gain all over body strength, especially back and core strength.

More importantly, I feel like I have been able to find self belief and confidence in term of how I see my body and how to train my body with this long term injury.

I have trained with numerous trainers and feel like none of them have had the in-depth knowledge of how the body works like Rhonda. I feel truly blessed to of met her.”

Amanda H.

Pamela C., OAM

“Just over 12 months ago, I underwent open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve in my heart. I was however, still breathless following any exertion and had begun to experience erratic episodes of my heart going “out of sync” and missing a beat. I spoke about this with my surgeon and he warned me that I may well have atrial fibrillation. However, he also recommended that I rejoin the gym and commence a regular fitness regime.

I contacted Rhonda and had a session with her where she listened to my story and then asked if I had any neck or back problems as well. Yes, I do. Rhonda suggested firstly, that I join her back class where we used very simple and inexpensive equipment and secondly, that I start a series of regular exercises at the gym using upper body equipment to strengthen my thoracic muscles, shoulders and chest area.

In roughly one month of doing the gym exercises and participating in the back class, I could not believe the difference this made in my breathing and general well-being. My GP listened to my glowing report and was extremely pleased with the positive outcome and encouraged me to continue.”

Pamela C, OAM

Courtney C.

“Thank you for your management and review of Janette regarding her episodic lower back pain. She has stiffness starting from her upper neck joints, travelling to her lumbar spine and has stiffness in her mid back region. I do believe this stiffness is putting pressure on her lower back and she would benefit from more mobility in her upper back regions.

Objectively she has been irnproving greatly since starting her weekend personal training.sessions, I believe she is participating in them once per week for1 hour with good effect.

Over the last month, Janette has progressed greatly and I appreciate the involvement you have had regarding her management.”

Courtney C.

Cathy M.

“I wish to document my support of Rhonda.

I have recovered from breast cancer twice in the last 6 years (last episode 2011) and am committed to improving and maintaining my present good health. I need the weight training exercise to help prevent osteoporosis. As a physiotherapist with over 35 years experience in musculo-skeletal therapy, I am fully aware of the benefits and potential harm of certain exercises.

Rhonda displays a high professional standard at all times. Her knowledge of correct exercise technique is apparent whilst she encourages everyone to work to their individual ability.”

Cathy M.



“I am a 75 year-old female and work part time in administration. In July 2017, I had an MRI and was diagnosed with mid-lumbar curvature and multi-level degenerative disc disease and facet joint arthropathy at the L2/3 and L4/5 level.

My pain level had progressed to an 8 out of 10 and was most severe when driving and sitting due to severe irritation of the nerve root which was causing sciatica.

I was told by the orthopaedic specialist that it was too complicated to operate as it would have an effect on several discs in my spine. His solution was pain relief and if that was not effective then a nerve block would be administered.

I happened upon the Back Care Clinic with Rhonda Collins. It was suggested that I should try this option before any serious medical treatment.

March 2019 Update
My recovery has been successful. I can now report that I am pain free. After other tried and tested expert advice, I know this recovery is mainly due to Rhonda’s tuition, her strengthening exercises, and encouragement given during her back care class.”


Yvonne M.

“I was having a lot of trouble with my right hip and struggling in everyday activities and sleeping at night. I have been told that I need a hip replacement which does not sit well with me as l’m only in my early 50’s and always considered this to be an old person’s issue.

After contacting Rhonda, she concentrated solely on my inability to have full range of movement and strength to correct my posture. Her research and bio-mechanical knowledge of the human body and muscles is awe-inspiring. I no longer have to rely on nightly medication to get to sleep and am now more aware of my body posture throughout the day when walking, sitting or standing.

Rhonda has a willingness to help people of all ages. I know personally I would not be able to lead the life I have at the moment if our paths had not crossed.”

Yvonne M.

Toni D.

“Ten years ago I was suffering with osteoarthritis in both knees and hips resulting in my inability to walk any distance without pain. My right knee is bone on bone and my left hip felt like it was tied in a ball of elastic bands, so I could not stand up straight and was always bent over and limping.

At 70 years of age, I needed to find the right person who could target my limitations and work with me on a personal level. I spoke to Rhonda Collins from Body Longevity and started working with Rhonda at my home.

She has given me specific exercises which I do every day. I no longer use anti-inflammatory and pain medication regularly. I can stand up straight and no longer limp. Rhonda, has given me the motivation to keep going and enjoy the rest of my life. Thanks Rhonda!”

Toni D.

Marg D.

“Having had issues with bursitis in my hips over the years with no result following injection, I decided to seek relief with massage and exercise – enter Rhonda.

Firstly, she listened to me and, after discussion of where, how long I had had pain she assessed my walking pattern and was able to pin point my issues from “a broken big toe/turn in my knee cap/issues with my hips – basically affecting my posture overall, which in turn is causing my pain.

With her intense massage therapy, which is next level, combined with a relevant exercise regime, I am claiming back my body with strength and energy.

Rhonda is passionate about making a difference for me, generous and concerned that she is getting it right now and for the future.”

Marg D.
Sales Manager
Village Retirement Group

Heather C.

“I first went to my doctor and was followed up by having an x-ray which showed I had bursitis in both hips and arthritis in my left knee.

My doctor just said an injection will help your bursitis, but I was determined to try some other treatment.

I approached Rhonda and had an assessment first and I learned so many things about my body.

So here I am weeks later with wonderful results. Rhonda is working on my back and the relief I am having in my knee is just great. I can do things I struggled with before and it’s hard to believe that the back has been the cause of my knee problem.

I am now having better nights sleeping and I have every confidence in Rhonda’s treatment on me.”

Heather C.

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